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Dona Maria the Lebanese/ American singer/ songwriter and music video director lady who born in Beirut on the 4th of September and she have no sisters or brothers and she moved her living to USA after her marriage.

At an early age she authored a book “The Twin’s Secret ” that was successfully run in stores for two years. To read The Twins Secret Story click here

But she didn’t stop there, as a result of her ambitions, Theater was her second step.

Danielle De Barabark theatrical play

Dona Maria get involved in the kids theater in the 2003 and because she’s a kids lover she signed a deal with the writer Clovis Attallah.

She played her role as marguerite for one year on theater. The play was for schools and Sundays for public and she turned the reporters attention and they requested for her for Tv and magazines interviews and so.

No Quiero and La Mosh Ayza was her first successful starting in the music industry the double versions been distributed by EMI and Melody music.

Then came Puedo Olvidar and Kedah Hansak that been distributed by Arabica music and powered by Arabica TV channel.

Soy Lo Que Soy produced and powered by DM the NO music, LLC recorded after her car accident that let Dona Maria went through coma for 30 days. and She said No More Tragedy 2019 with her single triple versions English, Spanish and Arabic the multilingual artist said it wide and clear. This song has a recognition and it was in the 1st ballot list to vote for by the Grammy and Latin Grammy members. That Dona Maria is one of that family the Grammys members family.

I can read your mind and I know to play your game a 2020 Leer tu mente Fekrak Makshouf single and music video.

Escucha mi music video that been accepted for the 2021 Grammys 1st ballot list for voting. And TikTak Town the fun single that Dona Maria released it on April 2 2021

What’s coming next? Fire and Fuego on the way out on October 17/18 singles and music videos. Make sure to follow the artist and subscribe to YouTube channel
Check out her website as there’s more announcements.

Thank you for reading. :)

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